Album: The Live EP (2010)

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Song: You'll Live

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Conceived in 2004 by guitarist Tasha Spizelli [Songwriter & Producer]; Lena Lou is a Seattle based Post-Rock band with thought provoking, melodic/nostalgic & sometimes "trippy" riffs. Known for their loud, precise live shows and dedicated fan base. Lena Lou has established themselves as one of the best live & hardest working touring acts out there and a force to be reckoned with. Each individual member has an extensive musical history ranging from national tours to T.V appearances and as a whole; Lena Lou, has been featured on various websites, in papers, and on local & college radio-- trekking the world in every possible way. Don't miss a chance to see Lena Lou live & pick up the EP because as fans like to say " It's astonishing".
( EP is also available for free download @ www.lenalourock.com & last.fm)

"Lena Lou is all instrumental led by female guitarist Tasha Spizelli, and it's luster is intoxicating. Super charged shoe-gaze captured with a Jimi Hendrix meets Radiohead melodies, Lena Lou is absolutely in a category by herself. Stepping on all the rules she commands a room with her stark guitar presence and demands you sit up and take notice. Her ability to transcend gender barriers so often placed to male guitar leads is rivaled with her band that charges the stage and leave the audience wanting more. This show is definitely worth checking out."
--Review by Caleb Arnold from S.S.G
( Seattle Show Gal)